Coakley’s Journey to the Olympics: A Presentation.


That was a well deserved Holiday break right???

We are happy to be back online and blog-afresh all the updates, highlights & snapshots from last year, and more exciting events & adventures to come just for you. We already lined-up our entries but first let me tell you about what happened few months ago…

Berrr-months has always been busy for the country’s swimming community, especially on a SEA games year. Our friends who had a chance to compete and experience the Laos SEA games has got heart-racing adventure stories to share… One of them was Filipino-American multi-SEAGames-gold medal winner, fastest swimmer in all of South East Asia and two-time Sprint King:

Mr. Daniel Coakley

Coakleys’ Journey to the Olympics was a presentation held last December 19th 2009 at Ateneo de Manila. We are honored to have the Coakleys share with us their adventures and experience in Life with swimming. They gave us a peek of what a family with a strong mind and heart can do beyond imaginable…

Introducing our Speakers: (left t0 right)

Coach Jeffery Coakley, Mrs. Lani Eugenio, Kaiwiolaiamanakaipo “Kaiwi”  Coakley, and of course Daniel Coakley


The Group Levitation

Strong mind = Strong body

“you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to…”

Daniel demonstrating his new technique in freestyle…







Your greatest opponent is not the person next to you, but rather the person within you.


Aren’t we all inspired by this family’s passion for swimming and competing for the Filipinos?

Congratulations to Mr. Daniel Coakley and his Family! We are all proud of you!


That’s it! CAL Swimming would like to thank everyone who participated and joined our presentation, We sure hope everyone had fun–We had a lot of fun having you all for our guest. Special Thanks to Coach Dong Gonzales for assisting with the presentation. See You all next time!


Readers! check out the snapshots here!

Oh and, before I forget… PASA has got a busy schedule for this year and we are all excited. Good Day!

3 Comments on “Coakley’s Journey to the Olympics: A Presentation.”

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  3. I want to thank Coach Archie and Coach Jonathan and all of the other coaches that came as well as all of the swimmers. We felt very welcomed and comfortable being with all of you at the event. I wish we could have stayed longer and done more and hopefully we may able to do that after the Asian Games 2010. In fact, lets plan on it as it was for us a wonderful event and we would like to do it again with more swimming this time.

    Mahalo CoachJeff

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