Pretty Technique = Pretty Fast (Swim with Migs–Philippine Winning Spirit Clinic)

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hhhmmm… So where do I begin…

Ah yes! Our friend Miguel Molina is an accomplished Filipino swimmer who has competed and won various local and international swimming competitions. His most notable achievement came during the 24th South East Asian Games held in Thailand in December 2007, where he was named Most Valuable Athlete!–He is only the second Filipino to be given the award, the other being Philippine swimming legend Eric Buhain.


He swims with us in Ayala Heights everytime he visits Manila. We had a pictorial with him just before the Beijing Olympics 2008“a day in the life of Miguel Molina” a profile photo-shoot. With all his achievements and success in and out of the water–he is by far the most-humble and most-awesome swimmer we know and the kids look up to him.


We invited Migs to give a seminar about his experiences & adventures in swimming and other walks of life just after last’s year SEA Games where he defended his favorite events–the individual medleys… Last year, January 22nd at Ateneo de Manila LS pool, PASA & CAL Swim School was proud to present:

“Swim with Migs”— The Philippine Winning Spirit Clinic.

Take a look..

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TMP-12222009_MG_1808a copyTMP-12222009_MG_1814a copy

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We would like to thank Miguel Molina for taking time to give an inspiring experience for the kids and coaches. We would also like to thank everyone who helped making the event happen and of course the ones who joined our day with Migs. God Bless and Good Luck! MABUHAY ANG MALALANGOY NA FILIPINO!

Click Here to view more snapshots

3 Comments on “Pretty Technique = Pretty Fast (Swim with Migs–Philippine Winning Spirit Clinic)”

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  3. It is so wonderful to know that Miguel, who was blessed with a talent has given back to his community. He is truly a hero in my books and one great model to our children. More kudos to Miguel and to others like him.

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