QC Sports Club Summer Swim Camp.

Summer has already begun and the QCSC SWIM CAMP is back!
Click HERE to download the flyer.

8 Comments on “QC Sports Club Summer Swim Camp.”

  1. I am interested in enrolling. How much is the fee? I already asked my parents and Im 11 yrs old already. :)

  2. Hi,

    I’m interested in enrolling my son, Miguel. He’s 1 1/2 y.o., although he hasn’t really talked yet, just some babbling. I’m wondering if you’re accepting students as young as he, and usually around what time do you conduct classes for kids/toddlers, so he can more or less adapt to his classmates. We leave need QCSC (though not a member), so I think that’s the ideal place. Also, how much do you charge for the entire swimming lessons? Are there any requirements as to attire/outfit, can the nanny come too (dresscode?)?



    • Hello Maia,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately our summer swim camp doesn’t offer “baby swimming” as of the moment. We suggest for you to search for specialists such as Aqualogic, or BLSS for swimming with your baby. Our lessons are for ages 4-and-up because we believe this is the perfect time for kids motor learning. Anyway, Good luck!

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