The 2010 CAL Swim School Graduation and Swim Meet

Time surely flies by when you are having fun

We cannot believe it… CAL Swim School Summer Swim Camp is almost over…

(no need to panic!) We will be back next year! In the mean time, our non-summer swimming programs available at our selected venues will surely keep everyone swim-satisfied all year round (more information on that soon!)

So Anyway, before the summer ends we are gathering potential competitive swimmers from our different venues to compete against each other (for fun of course!), there will be prizes for winners, fun and games, and lots of picture taking! It will be a day of making a splash and having fun, the CAL Swim School style! And with the swim meet we will award the graduates of our swim programs their certificate of completion, hence, the first of many celebration:

The 2010 CAL Swim School Graduation and Swim Meet.
2010 CAL Swim School Culminating event

make a splash

make not just friends but bestfriends

See you all there okay?!

for more information: Call us at 387-1424 or read on below…


6-under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-over. Boys & Girls.

CLASS B: 100m (except Free) + 200m Free + 100IM

NOVICE: 12-under 25m + 100IM

13-above 50m + 100IM


Boys Event Girls
1 200m Freestyle (class B) 2
3 50m Freestyle 4
5 25m Freestyle 6
7 4×50 Freestyle Relay (class B) 8
9 4×25 Freestyle Relay (novice) 10
11 100m Butterfly (class B) 12
13 50m Butterfly (13yrs-up) 14
15 25m Butterfly (12yrs-below) 16
17 100m Backstroke (class B) 18
19 50m Backstroke 20
21 25m Backstroke 22
23 100m Breaststroke (class B) 24
25 50m Breastroke 26
27 25m Breastroke 28
29 100m IM (class B) 30
31 100m IM (novice) 32
33 4×50 Medley Relay (class B) 34
35 4×25 Medley Relay (novice) 36

REGISTRATION FEE: 400.00 (includes: souvenir T-Shirt, Meal stub, Ribbons, certificates)

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