Congratulations Coach Tan!

We would like to give the “two thumbs up↑!” to our very own CAL Swim Coach Jonathan R. De Guzman for recently graduating with a diploma in Iternationalen Trainerkurs at Universität Leipzig, Germany. Coach Tan braved the frozen winter of Germany for 5 1/2 months and came home with a Trainer-B-Lizenz, DSV-Zertifikat (Deutscher Schwimm-Verband e. V.), Universität Leipzig Diploma, suitcase of tales, pocket-full of ideas, and lasting memories of ITK.

Photo: Coach Tan during training, swimming in the Flume.

Since 1991, Universität Leipzig has conducted 165 coaching courses in 15 events/specializations with 2115 participants from 115 countries. We are just happy that one of our own was selected and graduated from a 600 year old University rich in History and Traditions.

Photo: Coach Tan receiving his diploma.

According to Coach Tan, training and schooling at the University was very intensive. His Daily routine requires him to wake up at 6 o’clock every morning to get ready for a 7 o’clock class in Swimming theory, afterwards He will swim for 1 & 1/2 hours in the “practicals” physically re-learning the concepts in Techniques and Conditioning. He will then continue to the classrooms where he attends classes in ABTW (Science of Training), Sports Medicine, Sports Pedagogy, Sports Psychology, Strength Training, Sports Massage and German Language.–the easy part…

The hard part he tells us was the examinations, Written and Oral! Coach Tan being a diligent student, finished all the examinations with excellent marks, garnering a 1.7 GPA. Excellent!

Sadly, not everyone passed. His room mate and friend didn’t pass some of the oral examinations, The guys from the other room in his apartment missed a couple of points too. This course is definitely not for everyone.

Anyway, We would just like to share some highlights about his study…

Here is a video taken at the Schwimmhalle, filming swimmers techniques. In this case: Coach Tan’s Backstroke Start.

Check out other videos taken from the Flume [Click Here!]


Although the course was very intensive. Coach Tan confesses that he still manages to have some fun.–even it was freezing.


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