Blog alert: How Swimming and Philippians Taught My Son Courage.

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Hi everyone! We’d like to share with you a blog by The Phenomenal Mama about her experience teaching her son courage thru swimming. In this day and age, where our children is exposed more to life’s increasingly rapid pace, stress and struggles at a young age is almost inevitable. Teaching them how to deal with fears in sports and school is very important in their development. Guiding them at all times, and helping them build their self-confidence is truly rewarding as a parent. Once you start seeing them frown less and smile more, It’s a blessing all parents wishes for. Read all about it here.

2 Comments on “Blog alert: How Swimming and Philippians Taught My Son Courage.”

  1. Olympians scored coaches that inspired confidence in them when they were young very highly in a survey. I guess it could apply to parents as well. It’s easy to take confidence away, but it is also easy to build if we care about how we teach kids. Glad CAL is blessed in more than swimming. Speaking of which, this summer will too ably draw a lot of kids after Yolanda. It will keep you busy but also means that the kids might be coming to you out of their parents fear of drowning in floods or storm surges. So instilling confidence may be a little more challenging. But when a kid learns to swim… that is one of the few magic moments in life that parents must not miss. Swim on!

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