CAL and Xavier School Forms a Partnership

CAL Swim School is extremely happy and honored to be the new swimming providers for Xavier School. We have their full support and will work hard to promote the sport of swimming to the school not just competitively but most importantly as a life skill. With a collaborative effort, we will do our best to make sure that the Xavier students reach their maximum potential and gain positive experiences through this sport.

Program Head Archie Lim states, “Swimming provides so much more than just fitness and good exercise, but more importantly it provides life lessons that we believe Xavier School also wants to instill in their students.”

Xavier School is known for instilling students with great values and building character through passionate development of skill. The school takes pride in producing students that not only excel academically, but also in extra curricular activities, and that’s where CAL comes in. One of Xavier’s main objectives for swimming includes identifying potential athletes for competitive swimming. With the school’s large student population, CAL is confident about meeting that objective, as well as helping these students become reputable role models to their school and community.

Xavier School’s Swimming Program partnered with CAL Swim School will have a lot to offer to its students. There will be physical education classes teaching different aspects of swimming from water safety to stroke enhancement depending on their grade levels.
Additionally, the school’s varsity team that go through a specific and fair selection of swimmers who will be recognized as the best candidates to represent the school in upcoming local and international competitions. Also, the Xavier Aqua Stallions Club Team, which will be open to all Xavier and non-Xavier swimmers looking to excel in the sport and join in different competitions while being part of a great team. Lastly, we have a learn-to-swim program that will provide the best quality of teaching to cater to the individual needs of each enrollee.
CAL’s expansion to Xavier School is not one of accidental circumstance but was a deliberate plan put to action by its director, Coach Archie Lim.

“We believe that Xavier School shares the same ideals, having produced students who are now leaders and movers of the country. We would like to share our expertise; for students to learn about many great health benefits of swimming, as well as values from the sport.”

For more Information please see: Xavier School’s Swimming Program Schedules and Rates.

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