Junior CAL Swimmers at Batang Pinoy 2015

A handful of the junior CAL tankers travelled to Cebu city for the 2015 Batang Pinoy Nationals last November 27-29 and brought pride to their respective cities with numerous medal winning performances and record breaking swims.

12 year old superstar, Miguel Barreto, took the meet by storm, winning 5 out of 5 individual events including a record breaking 4:46.21 in the 400m freestyle. The older Barreto, Rafael, continues his record breaking streak with a newly set 25.42 in the 13-15 50m Freestyle. This comes with 3 other gold medals in the 50m & 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle.

3-time individual gold medalist Keane Cedric Ting broke the Boys 13-15 yrs old 200 meter backstroke record with a time of 2:19.26. Joining him at the 3 individual gold-winning boat are Phillip Joaquin Yu-Santos for snatching both IM events plus the 200m Butterfly, and Imee Saavedra at the 50,100 & 200m Freestyle events.

More first place finishers include Sarah Alvina, Patrick Galvez, Marjorie Manguiat, and Mary Rose Olegario in individual events. Tankers Kyle Barraza, Gabriella Relampagos and Armand Pierre Chan contributed to their first place relay events. Other medalists include Dara Carreon, Micah Paulene Uy and Aeryll Kimmae Yu.

This competition was a great way for all the young swimmers to get to know their competitors outside of the city and get to race with the best junior swimmers in the country. This was the perfect medium for them to handle pressure and not let it affect how they perform. Lastly, This competition brought the confidence in our junior swimmers to step up when they are needed.

Keep up the good work! #CALNation”

By Marichi Gandionco

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