CALNation at the 39th South East Asian Age Group Championships

The SEA AGE Swimming championship is always a memorable affair. This year’s competition is definitely one for the books, especially for our CAL age group qualifiers. The CAL group of swimmers who joined this competition were a mix of leaders (Raine Gavino & Jeremy Lim), veterans (Kirsten Chloe Daos, Courtney Melissa Gray, Ianiko Limfilipino & Phillip Joaquin Santos), and newbies (Rafael Barreto, Dara Nichelle Carreon, Patrick Galvez, Andrea Ngui & Keane Cedric Ting).

With the CAL coaches Archie Lim, Marichi Gandionco and Sherwyn Santiago guiding our swimmers with the rest of the Philippine delegation, the team was able to achieve the perfect combination of ultimate performance, great teamwork and pride for our country.
With a phenomenal season this year, Rafael Barreto bagged our first 2015 SEA AGE gold medal in the Men’s 14-15 50m Butterfly with a time of 26.06. He took the spot of the meet’s most decorated Filipino swimmer with an added 2 individual bronze medals in the 100m Butterfly and 200m Freestyle events. The second and final gold medal win for team Philippines came from CAL veteran, Kirsten Chloe Daos, in the Women’s 16-18 200m Butterfly. Chloe managed to hold her lead all the way to touch the wall first with the time of 2:23.88.

Ianiko Limfilipino swam a heartfelt 400 Individual Medley, finishing second with a time of 4:48.90 in the 14-15 Men’s age group. He came into the meet determined to do something extraordinary and though he struggled at first, it was amazing to see that he was able to reach his goal and succeed.
CAL swimmers Andrea Ngui, Rafael Barreto and Patrick Galvez produced unexpected but well deserved bronze medal finishes in the 4×100 Freestyle relays, Andrea and Rafael for the mixed category and Patrick for the Men’s category. Both relay events showed that the Filipino swimmers part of the relay, as well as the ones cheering them on, know how to come together and make magic happen.
This meet also serves as the final SEA Age meet for Courtney Gray, Jeremy Lim and Andrea Ngui as they will move on to collegiate and senior level competitions. Courtney & Andrea made the most of their last SEA Age with great swims as well as fun moments with their teammates. Jeremy ended his SEA Age feat with great performances both on the water and on the stage, but most importantly, he demonstrated and shared proper leadership skills to his fellow teammates.
As this meet reached further heights with more competitive line ups from all the teams, our swimmers were able to perform to best of their abilities with a touch of teamwork, class and sportsmanship. Congratulations to this year’s Philippine Team!
Full results are available at the link below:


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