CAL juniors to take on the 40th SEA Age-group Swimming Championships

Twelve CAL Junior tankers are set to compete at the 40th South East Asian Age Group Swimming Championships this coming December 9-11 at Bangkok, Thailand. Join us in cheering for our age group swimmers accompanied by CAL coaches Marichi Gandionco and Sherwyn Santiago as they make our country proud!


 Barreto, Miguel Cruz – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Chan, Armand Pierre – QCSC Buccaneers


Santos, Phillip Joaquin – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Ting, Keane Cedric – Rising Atlantis Swim Club


Barreto, Rafael Cruz – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Cariño, Akiva Jose – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Carreon, Dara Nichelle – Rising Atlantis Swim Club

Daos, Kirsten Chloe – QCSC Buccaneers

Gavino, Raissa Regatta – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Gavino, Romina Rafaelle – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Gavino, Roman Rafel – Ayala Harpoons Swim Club

Limfilipino, Ianiko Grieco – QCSC Buccaneers

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