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  1. Hi! :) im 15 and i used to take swimming lessons for 3 or more years, i really wanted to compete with a team and im just curious to know the qualifications needed to join a swim team

  2. hi im am trying to contact the number aove but no success. may i know your student to teacher ratio? my son 7 and my daughter 4 are first timers if ever. are you open this week so we can visit the place (QC Sports Complex)

  3. Hi Guys,

    Good day, i was hoping that you conduct classes for adult like me that still wants to learn how to swim. just want to learn how to swim not for competition but for survival and leisure reasons too.

      • Hi TanMan, I have the same question as Ernesto so I’ll just reply here..

        I’m interested in enrolling in Filinvest East this May..

        Will a water-phobic be able to learn swimming?

        • Hi Josh, yes, we are confident that a person with aquaphobia can definitely learn swimming provided that he or she is willing to do whatever it takes to overcome the phobia and experience learning how to swim in a positive way. :)

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