CAL Swim School taps Bridge Athletic for Strength and Conditioning Program

Last January 22-24, one of the trainers and strength & conditioning experts of Bridge Athletic, Andrew Nguyen, held a seminar for our CAL swimmers & coaches to help gain a better understanding of connecting our minds and bodies through land exercises and applying them in the water to be able to swim better and faster (BridgeSwimming – […]

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No Pool, No Problem. {CAL Swim School Swimmers take on U.P. Sunken Garden}

Early this morning, our swimmers from Ayala Harpoons, Celebrity Rapids, QCSC buccaneers, and Xavier Aqua Stallions took on the pitch of U.P Sunken Garden for some serious “Dryland”, and a lot of Ultimate Frisbee. Mind you, They ran 3 full rounds of the academic oval before getting in some real work done. By work, we mean a lot of […]

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We Want You On Our Team.

One of our CAL affiliated swim team: The Celebrity Rapids Swim Club is now accepting new team members. . Rapids Swim Club is a PASA, FINA, and AASF registered/affiliated swim club dedicated in providing a special and positive training environment for developmental swimmers ages 5 and up. Our Coaches are WSCA registered and seasoned to […]

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